Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Rosie DiManno, Rape Culture, and Misandry

For those of you who haven't been keeping up with the news, recently four women sexually assaulted a 19 year old man in Toronto. This is a horrible crime and should be taken seriously. Unfortunately, some are treating this frivolously. Rosie DiManno's article doesn't treat it seriously at all. To her, this is all a joke, apparently. Her article says stuff like,
"They could be sex molls or sex maulers." 
"Last seen teetering around in high heels and short black dresses — typical clubbing attire — their estimated age 30 to 36, so not cougars on the prowl." 
"Of course, one man’s sexual assault is another man’s sexual fantasy come true." 
"Sexual assault, you say? Lucky guy others say, nudge-nudge, a fivesome and didn’t even have to pay for it." 
"Wanted: Bad girls in black minidresses and stilettos, approach with caution."
In addition, she used "allegedly" or "alleged" five times, as well as describing the crime as "purported" and "a bizarre anomaly." She also put assault in quotes when describing it. In addition, she says,
"We do instinctively think of sexual assault as something done to women by men because the stats bear that out: 90 per cent of victims are female and 99 per cent of the offenders are male."
Which is a false statistic. In addition, she has a history of reporting on sexual assault in bad ways.

Of course, she's not alone in this. There were some gems,
"every mans dream"
"haha Ya ok!!! #callingbullshit"
"He was probably wearing skinny pants and showing off his ass."
"It never entered my mind that it may not have been a real man. As in a man that adores female flesh."
The assault was horrible, but the response made it worse. This is misandry and a result of the rape culture. Men can get raped. There's nothing funny about it. It is not his fault. He was not lucky. These responses were disgusting. I am disappointed in everyone who has responded in this way.

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