Thursday, January 24, 2013

Musing from the Court of Miracles

Now that you know the meaning of the name of this blog and who I am, all that remains before this blog can start in full swing is for me to inform you of the purpose of this blog and what it would deal with. This blog will be my chance to give my view on varying issues in the modern world. The main topics this blog will cover will be:

Politics. I shall discuss politics and give an anarchist's perspective on the current going ons in it. I will discuss what Congress is doing or foreign relations between different countries. I will primarily focus on American politics since I know the most about them, since I'm an American, but I will not restrict myself to American politics. I will give my opinion on all of them. That opinion will be that of an unabashed radical and anarchist. I will not censor my opinion. I will not filter my opinion.

Social justice. I will focus on worthy causes that people are fighting and show plights of people that aren't being defended. I will show injustices in the world, and talk about what is wrong with them and why.

Economics. I find economics to be a sorry affair and most economists to be capitalist apologists. I will seek to counter false claims by them and present an anarchist perspective on things.

Anything else that catches my fancy. While the others will be the primary thing I focus on, I will look at any number of things beyond that.

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