Friday, January 25, 2013

Whatever Happened to the Working Class

So often  talk about the middle class. From both Romney and Obama talking about how they will defend the middle class to Wall Street Journal writers seeking to prove that inequality isn't growing by attempting (and failing) to prove the middle class is stagnating. That's all nice and good, but the middle class isn't the group that needs the most defending. So many seem to forget about the working class. It seems like, in modern America, there's no defender of the proletariat. In fact, everyone seems to have forgotten about us. What options do we have? Do we look to the republican party who pretends to defend the middle class while really defending the upper class? Do we look to the democratic party who do defend the middle class when they aren't caving to their corporate sponsors? Do we look to a third party that has no chance of gaining any traction, and who would end up moderating and becoming heroes of the middle or upper class, like Britain's labour party, if they do? We have no defenders. No options.

This frames the class war in a way that favors the rich. If the class war is no longer between the rich and the poor, but between the rich and the middle class, they have less to worry about. Anything they loose in a class war against the middle class would never compare to what they would loose in a class war against the proletariat. Of course, whoever wins in this new class war the rich have set up against the middle class, the lower class looses.

Still, even though we might loose no matter what in this class war, we loose slightly less if the middle class gains traction. If the middle class gains traction, the rich loose power, so we gain power. BUT, if the middle class actually ever wins, we loose just as much. If the middle class wins, they become a part of the rich. We don't need more masters. New bosses. We need no masters. No bosses. The only way we can win is to stand up for ourselves. We need to return the class war to its roots! The class war needs to become what it was, the rich versus the poor! We need to fight for ourselves, rather than let the politicians fight for the middle or upper class.

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