Friday, January 25, 2013

Victimhood and the Catholic Church

What do you do when you're a church with a sex scandal with children on your record and some unpopular opinions on a minority? Claim you're the victim, and blame it all on the minority, of course! At least it isn't hypocrisy, this time! Instead, we get victimhood allegation. This is a major problem with those with power. They're so often the bad guy. They need something to make themselves more popular, though. If they get too unpopular, they will face a revolution on their hands. (In the case of the church, that takes the form in deconversion.)

However, they have a card they can always play, the victimhood card. Everyone sympathizes with a victim. As long as they paint themselves as victims, they aren't the bad guys. Not to those who believe them. Now, instead of homosexuals, who face prosecution all around the world, from being refused the right to marriage rights given freely to heterosexuals to a prevalence of hate crimes against them, being the victims, the catholic church, which has over a billion members, is now seen as the victim.

What makes this even worse is that they're doing this to defend their priests raping children, who they had previously kept safe from prosecution. What the catholic church is doing is absolutely disgusting and reprehensible.

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