Saturday, October 12, 2013

Fuck the Closet

I am not in the closet about my sexuality. I never have been. I never told anyone I'm straight. I never pretended I wasn't attracted to men and women. Anyone who has ever thought I was straight either jumped to conclusions or wasn't paying attention to my actions. This is how it should be.

So often people encourage members of gender or sexual minorities to come out of the closet. We act like every gay person has to come out at some point. Fuck that shit. We shouldn't encourage coming out of the closet. We should burn the closet to the ground. We should never sit in the closet to begin with, excepting cases in which ones identity could lead to them being killed. Live outside the closet, even if you never tell anyone your gender or sexuality. If they think you're straight or cisgender, then fuck them. You're not the one living in a closet. They are hiding. Not from you. Not from the world. Not from themselves. Not like those of us who are a part of gender or sexual minorities. No. They are hiding from truth. They think that they can just sit in their closet and pretend like your sexuality or gender doesn't exist. They think they can sit in their closet and pretend that everyone, unless otherwise noted, is straight. Fuck them. They are the ones living a life cut off from reality. They are the ones hiding.

So don't come out of the closet. Light a molotov and burn the closet to the fucking ground.

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